Song mastering

Song Mastering is the process of taking a recording and enhancing it to it’s fullest potential. It’s the fine tuning that will make your final mixdowns sound as big and clear as possible without compromising the original feel of the final mixes. This not only makes each song from an album sound individually the best it can, but also makes the album as a whole sound professional and radio ready.

Do I really need song mastering?

If your asking yourself “Do I really need to get my songs or album mastered”, the answer is YES!, every album can benefit from professional mastering. If you say “But it’s just a demo!”, it’s even more important for a demo to sound it’s best. If you are duplicating a CD that’s supposed to be getting you gigs, of course you want it to sound great! Remember you only get one chance to make a great first impression. 
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How to get your files ready for our song mastering services

  • To get the absolute best possible results, do not process your stereo mixdowns. This includes using no compression, limiting, and EQ on your master track. We cannot undo any mistakes that where done.
  • Please do not let the peak level of your master bus go above -3dB. If your are hitting 0db at your final mixdown, your pushing the levels too much. The optimal peak levels should be between -10dB to -3dB. We need room for our audio mastering processes.
  • Keep the sample rate and bit depth at its original format. We accept Wave files and AIFF files. Mp3’s are okay, but Wave files and AIFF Files are better suited for mastering. Be sure to include any “ISRC” codes if you have any for your songs to be mastered.

Sending us your audio online
Note: If your file is 25 mb or smaller, I would suggest sending it by regular email (gmail, yahoo, etc:)
         but if it is larger than 25 mb then proceed to step 2 below after step 1. Using google drive can also be an option.

Step 1
Make your payment for mastering services by clicking one of the two (per song or album)
 Buy Now paypal buttons.
Step 2
Send us your audio files online using one of these free transfer services or to  * Be sure to put “Master my song” in the subject email box *Quick tip: I would advise you to send your files in a zip folder if your sending multiple files all at once. This method helps to save space, plus it makes the uploading process go much faster.
Step 3
We fully master your songs and send them back to you by via email within
24 hours, it’s as simple as that! 
Sending a cd for mastering please notify us by email before sending your cd. If you can’t use paypal we also accept money orders, western union or money gram transanctions,
just be sure to make them out to V. Royster Jr.

You can send your cd’s to P.O. Box 541602 Grand Prairie, Tx. 75054

IMPORTANT! We recommend you make a duplicate copy before you send it, please do not send your only copy.
We will not be responsible for any damage or loss through the postal services.
Listen to a few samples below in various styles.

How do I know what it will sound like? Get a free sample before you use our services.

We understands that talk is cheap and artist want to know/hear that what they are getting is professional and quality service. So we’re giving you the opportunity to hear what your master would sound like by you sending us one of your files (wav files preferred) or mp3’s (just for sample purposes) and we will send you back a snippet sample of what it will sound like. After this is done we are sure you won’t have any doubts about getting your songs mastered. Just follow step 1 in the sending process and we will take it from there. 
* Be sure to put “just a sample” in the subject email box *

We recommend you use paypal “Bill Me Later” option for your album.
So now you can still get your album mastered and pay for it later. 
Just select “Bill Me Later” as your payment choice during checkout.

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