Here are some frequently and common questions that most artist and customers seem to ask, so if there is any question you can’t seem to find an answer to, please feel free to notify us from the contact form. Thank you.
1. Q: How long does it take to have my song(s) mastered?
A: You can have your song back within 24 hours depending on if it’s 1 or 2 songs, an             album (10 – 20 songs) can take up to 36 hours.

2. Q: But my song already sounds great, why would I need it mastered?
A: Well this maybe true, but having it mastered will give it that powerful music industry           sound like major artist that A&R’s listen for.

3. Q: Can I hear how it may sound before I have it mastered?
A: Yes, we believe that talk is cheap so we are willing to give you a FREE SAMPLE                before you use our services.

4. Q: I don’t know how to send my files?
A: Scroll down on the home page, we have a link that explains how to send your files.

5. Q: Can I send my cd instead files for these services and if so where do I send them?
    A: Yes, we recommend that you make a backup copy for yourself, please do not send            your only copy, we will not be responsible for damage or loss through the postal                 services. Send your cd’s to P.O. Box 541602 Grand Prairie, TX. 75054

6. Q: Do I send my whole recording sessions to you for mastering?
A: Definitely not! All we need is your final mixed down wav or mp3 song fie.

7. Q: What’s the difference between mastering and mixing my song?
A:  *Mastering is taking your already recorded song and maxiumizing it to sound more             powerful to music industry standards.
         *Mixing is taking your consolidating files (vocals, instruments, adlibs, etc.) and                    adjusting all of the levels to satisfaction before mastering your song.

8. Q: I don’t like the way my song sounds, can you fix it?
A: Yes, we want to make sure you are pleased with your song so we have no problem           re-mastering or re-mixing it for you.

9. Q: What’s wrong? You sent me an email saying you won’t be able to master my song?            (just for mastering purposes)
A: Before we proceed to master your song, we listen first to make sure it sounds good           enough for us to master. We either return your money or asked that you 
        send a better copy of your song.         

10. Q: I have “isrc” codes for my music, can you place them into my song(s)? 
      A:  Yes we have the capability of inserting your “isrc” codes into your song(s) for you              with no extra charge. 

11.Q: Hey I made a mistake and deleted my mastered song from my computer, can you               send it to me again?
     A: Why yes of course, just contact us through email so we can verify your order and it            will be sent back to by email asap.
          NOTE! We only keep your masters up to 7 days, after that you will have to                         purchase another master for that same song.

12.Q: Are my payments secure on this site, and do you accept credit cards? 
     A:  Yes, we use certified paypal transactions or you can choose to pay with a credit                card.

13.Q: Can I use an e-check ?
     A: Yes but will cannot deliver your song(s) until the e-check has been cleared through             paypal.