What is mixing?

Professional mixing is the absolute best way to improve your sound. The majority of serious artist/musicians these days record and produce their music from within a home project studio, but don’t have the mixing experience or equipment to compete with professional engineers working in professional studios. If you have recorded the project yourself and have attempted to mix it but are unhappy with the results, it may be a good idea to have someone else to mix it for you.

How does it work?

You send us the song to mix with a general or specific direction you want us to go in. We will process the song (listen to it from a whole song perspective and start mixing it immediately)  until we have completed the mix to our professional industry standards. Then we will email you a link for you to download your mix. You download it, burn it to CD and listen to your song.

How do I send you my files for mixing?

The best way to send your multi track session files is to send each individual tracks in WAV or AIFF format (don’t change the sample rate or bit rate), all the tracks should be consolidated (parts joined together in one piece) from the staring point of the session. Please label each file specifically and correctly (example: lead vocal, kick drum, strings, dub vocal, etc.) plus include the bpm/tempo which makes it a lot easier when discussing possible edits and general details of the song. *Read at the bottom of this page on details on consolidating tracks for sending* or watch this video on how to consolidate your tracks/regions for mixing here >>> how to consolidate files for mixing

Effects such as compression, reverb, eq etc should be removed from the tracks and sent dry. However, if you feel the effects are needed to the intended sound then by all means leave them on and send a dry alternative if possible. It can be very useful to include notes on how you want the track to sound and even by supplying your own rough mix for our engineers to get an impression of the general balance you originally intended.

Sending us your audio online

Step 1
Make your payment for mixing services by clicking the Buy Now paypal button.
Step 2
Send us your audio files online using this free large file transfer serviceWetransfer.com to vsmoove504@gmail.com  
* Be sure to put “Mix my song” in the subject email box Step 3
We fully mix and master your songs and send them back to you by via email within 3 – 5 business days, it’s as simple as that!
Sending a cd for mastering please notify us by email before sending your cd.
If you can’t use paypal we also accept money orders, western union or money gram transanctions,
just be sure to make them out to V. Royster Jr.
Sending a cd for mixing 
Be sure that all data files are properly consolidated for mixing.
You can send your cd’s to P.O. Box 541602 Grand Prairie, Tx. 75054
IMPORTANT! We recommend you make a duplicate copy before you send it, please do not send your only copy.
We will not be responsible for any damage or loss through the postal services.

What if my mix doesn’t sound right?

Once you hear the mix, there might be some things you might want to change about it. Simply contact us by email with your request and we will correct those changes and send you another updated mix. Again you download and listen, and if needed, you can make more change requests. This process will continue until we know that you are satisfied with your mix. All this is included in our flat rate with no hidden charges.

Details on how to consolidate and send your audio files in most DAW (digital audio workstation) programs.

The following are instructions for how to consolidate files in DAWs. These instructions were generated by people who have used these programs and have been successful with the results, or watch this video on how to >>> how to consolidate files for mixing

Please select Broadcast Wav or Wav if your software gives you a choice of file formats. After consolidating the files, please put them in a ZIP folder and use this free sending service listed here. Wetransfer.com or SendSpace.com


Professional Mixing

Mixing Per Song
Album Mixing (mastering included)