Song Editing

Do you have a music project that needs song editing like an album or mixtape that you need to get played on the radio but you realized you can’t because it has explicit lyrics to it, and because of this you won’t be able to get airplay? Well no need to worry about that anymore because we can fix that problem right here and right now. You can now get your songs edited and have those explicit lyrics blurred or faded out with our song editing service. All you need to do is select how many songs you need edited, make your payment and we will professionally edit your songs/music for radio or whatever other source you may need to use for your music.

Okay let’s get right into this, our editing service is very simple because all we will do is listen and analyze your song and blurr out all the explicit lyrics for you.

Explicit lyrics are any type of inappropriate words that expresses or describes sexual, violent, racial or vulgar content that may not be suitable for radio or under age public listening.

Here are the list of words that we be analyzed and edited throughout your songs for public and radio airplay:

Mother f-cker
You get the point….

Listen to before and after edits

Turn Around time >> 1 song 24 hours (9 songs) 48 hours

Sending us your audio online
Note: If your file is 25 mb or smaller, I would suggest sending it by regular email (gmail, yahoo, etc:)
but if it is larger than 25 mb then proceed to step 2 below after step 1. Using google drive can also be an option.
Step 1
Make your payment for edit services by clicking one of the two (per song or album) Buy Now paypal buttons.

Step 2
Send us your audio files online using one of these free transfer services or  * Be sure to put “Edit my song” in the subject email box *

Sending a cd for song editing
You can send your cd’s to P.O. Box 541602 Grand Prairie, Tx. 75054
IMPORTANT! We recommend you make a duplicate copy before you send it, please do not send your only copy.
We will not be responsible for any damage or loss through the postal services.

Quick tipI would advise you to send your files in a zip folder if your sending multiple files all at once. This method helps to save space, plus it makes the uploading process go much faster.

Song editing

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